Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gratuitous Cat Post

What's a knit blog without cat stories!

Friday night I planted my flowerpots on the back deck, hoping that by the 27th of May, Ohio would *finally* be over the frost. Really now. I didn't account for the spring gully-washer (yes...I live in a gully, it even has a crick) that would blow through Friday night unplanting all my flowerpots.

So Saturday morning, when I woke up about the time I was supposed to be leaving for work, I took an extra 30 seconds to clean it up and rushed off. And made it on time...yay!

I came home a little early because, with the first horseshow of the season this weekend, a lot of kids had cancelled their lessons. And it was *so hot* upstairs... So first thing I opened the deck doors and got plowed over by Miss Sasha running back in! Poor little kitty must have been outside all day! Without her food! And one thing Sasha loves is her food!

Thankfully the Saturday spring gully-washer came about ten minutes later or I would have had one royally p*ed off kitty.

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