Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, Hell's Bells!

(My mom used to say that all the time, I never really thought about how that phrase would be punctuated until just now...)

It's official! I have my first big loser of a project! Stitch n Bitch Nation, the "Om Yoga Mat Bag". Loooooooooser!

I, however, will take at least partial responsibility because I did substitute the yarn from Lion Brand 100% cotton (of which I could find very little locally and in no color that would coordinate my mat or rug, which were both thoughtfully purchased to coordinate...because I'm like that.) for Lion Brand Cotton-Ease 50/50 Cotton/Acrylic.

And I also didn't check gauge, well...I did, but with the diagonal lace stitch I couldn't figure out what a "stitch" was or if I made gauge or not, and I figured it wouldn't matter since it was just a damn bag!

And also my measurements are off, but purposefully! I have an extra cushy mat and a rug, so added width! And because it's a diagonal stretch, added length to get the added width. It's all proportional! I think...

It's also not blocked yet, or really completely finished (still have to buy some string and figure out what in the hell you're supposed to do with the bottom of the bag...just seaming it closed would be too simple I guess. I also couldn't figure out how to do a mattress stitch, per se, on CO to BO edges. I think the pattern should have had you knit 2 rows beginning and end so there was a substantial strip of something other than diagonal lace to mattress stitch together. And also so I could just follow the directions on how to mattress stitch garter rows together, which is in every single book I have. No mention of how to mattress stitch CO and BO edges...maybe I'll google that today. And can I just say mattress stitch one more time? MATTRESS STITCH!

(I'll put a pic up as soon as I get my computer back...got a nasty little virus over the weekend that took down my firewall! I didn't know they could do that. Then my non-technical self tried to restore to an earlier date which f*ed everything up. The Geek Squad has it right now, and it's still under warranty. Which I could actually find for once, don't you just love that!)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gratuitous Cat Post

What's a knit blog without cat stories!

Friday night I planted my flowerpots on the back deck, hoping that by the 27th of May, Ohio would *finally* be over the frost. Really now. I didn't account for the spring gully-washer (yes...I live in a gully, it even has a crick) that would blow through Friday night unplanting all my flowerpots.

So Saturday morning, when I woke up about the time I was supposed to be leaving for work, I took an extra 30 seconds to clean it up and rushed off. And made it on time...yay!

I came home a little early because, with the first horseshow of the season this weekend, a lot of kids had cancelled their lessons. And it was *so hot* upstairs... So first thing I opened the deck doors and got plowed over by Miss Sasha running back in! Poor little kitty must have been outside all day! Without her food! And one thing Sasha loves is her food!

Thankfully the Saturday spring gully-washer came about ten minutes later or I would have had one royally p*ed off kitty.

Miss Sasha slowly being buried in leaves. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gahhhh....Cascade Sierra! (wipes drool) Pima Cotton / Wool 80 / 20. Colors 10 and 16...I don't remember which is which. They are both *beautiful*! Posted by Hello

HelloKnitty.com "Play Date" wristlet pattern. My first dpn project! And I still have both eyes! Posted by Hello

It's really hard to take a picture of your own arm. And no, my arm usually *doesn't* look that hairy. No Photoshop here! Posted by Hello

The Never-Ending Scarf...Finished!

Finally! A finished object!

The Simple Ripple Shawl, a *free pattern* from Lion's Brand website. (I would put in a link, if I knew how, but I don't. That's why there's Google.) Made in Lion's Brand Microfiber, 100% *microspun* acrylic, color 153 (black) on either US 7 or 10. I don't remember which but at the time that's all I owned. Oh how things have changed...

This was my first big project and it took me about a year to finish. It should not have taken me a year to finish. I had no idea what I was doing but all too soon learned what a dropped stitch was. And again, and again, and again...

That's also why I decreased the width to half, casting on only 60 stitches. If I had cast on the full 120...let's just say I wouldn't even own knitting needles right now. I also called it finished with the third skein so it's also a little short. I really like it though! It works well as either a scarf or a stole, which is how I premiered it at Emeril's Restaurant in N'awlins! I used a metal bracelet to hold it together and buena!

None of the pictures show it's true glory. I would model it, really I would, but I've been going through Haircut Hell and now have the Recovery Cut. You know the one, we all get it eventually. Way too short, way too spiky, trying to convince yourself it's way cute and hipster, but everyone sees it for what it truly is...The Recovery Cut.

Lion's Brand *free pattern* Simple Ripple shawl.  Posted by Hello

Close up of the Simple Ripple. Posted by Hello

It was too soft to resist! Lion's Brand "Micro Spun" microfiber 100% acrylic. But the good acrylic... Posted by Hello

I got it in purple too! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

No surprises here...y'all

Well, this was certainly right on mark. Where's the fun in that?

Growing up in WV, right on the Mason-Dixon line, then moving south (VA then on to NC) for six years, then back up to Ohio for the past three. I guess I picked up a bit of local culture at every stop.

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

15% Dixie

15% Yankee

10% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern