Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sooo over fur

You's hard out here for a blogger!* Especially on dial-up! By the time I get my photos uploaded I completely forget the witty banter to accompany.

Meet Buster, my Build-a-Cow, who be modeling the fun fur fiesta.

Stacy's Scarf: Moss stitch with keyhole detailing. I made this wide and short to lay flat under a jacket. Or hood, if one likes the Eskimo effect.

Amby's Scarf: Double knit garter stitch. Twice the fur, twice the fun.

Mom's Scarf:'s Embrace. Or, in a pinch, a muppet...I think it'd look great with googly-eyes.

P.S. Oops! I forgot to turn off my webccelerator while uploading...I hope the pics look better on your screen than mine. *And no, this joke will never be old for me...

Monday, January 09, 2006

But is it furry enough?

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! And Christmas/Whatevermas! And New Year!

Um yeah, so I won't be winning Blogger of the Year...but doesn't that just make it more special when I do update?

While visiting my parents in WV (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) I went to Tamarack with my sister and niece (Hi Stacy! Hi Ambria!). I was all about the pottery and wooden kitchen stuffs, while my niece went crazy over...Fun Fur scarves! And guess what they were charging for them? Twelve Freakin' Frosties! So of course, being even the meager knitter that I am, you know what I said...

"Oh, I can make you one of those!"

JoAnn's had Fun Fur on sale, so I was grooving on that, but my scarf just doesn't seem to be as furry and soft as the ones we saw. I found two patterns on the Lions Brand website: one was garter stitch, size 10 needles over 24 stitches single strand, the other was garter stitch, size 15 needles over 15 stitches double strand.

The final dimensions are about the same, do you think the extra strand of furry makes a notable difference? Do you think a larger needles/gauge is needed to let all the furry funness through?

But of course I used neither and went for the pattern on the back of the label, moss stitch, size 10 1/2 needles over 30 stitches single strand. I was hoping moss stitch would give the scarf more of a backbone over garter stitch but still be open enough to let all the fuzz fly free. Any opinions? Please?