Sunday, May 18, 2008


My whole life has been an exercise in frustration lately. One big, fat, frustrating event after another. I've never particularly handled frustration well, I was one of those children who cried over their homework if I didn't understand, instead of just taking a deep breath and figuring it out.

(Mom, remember when I had to draw the phases of the moon? If I haven't before, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for totally doing that assignment for me.)

I decided to take apart my bird feeder and clean it, which I have never done in the oh...five years I've owned it. It was quite moldy and gross, and I had noticed the birds throwing most of the seed out and about rather than eating it. Maybe because it was moldy and gross? It was very easy to get apart (yay!) and to clean (double yay!) but I couldn't get it back together. It was really frustrating, and I do believe I called my mom at some point, but eventually I muscled it back together.


Maybe that's why I like knitting so much. Things start to go awry, the flush of frustration starts to creep up, just when you're about to FAIL, you do better. You FROG!!1!

P.S. Cath, yes I *do* have a problem with laddering when I knit a sock using magic loop!

I vehemently denied it in knitting group (which sounds like a 12-step program...and well, I guess it kind of is) because I don't have a laddering problem using DPNs and that's how I usually knit socks. But yes, later I realized what you were saying. I should re-try magic loop and rotate the stitches round the bend. I've denied magic loop for a looong time, because it puts so much tension on the stitches on the bend and that bothers me. It must be very frustrating for such a fabulous new technique to be denied.

And P.P.S. I did finally dump all the seed out of the birdfeeder into my new tugtrub and put it back together correctly. It was much easier than the way I did it wrong. I think there's another lesson in there somewhere.


Bean Counting Knitter said...

Yikes.... I hope I didn't add frustration. Here is a wonderful article on the topic of ladders. For me "I just give the yarn a little extra-special tug after I knit the first stitch of each needle" works very very well and has eliminated my ladder problem on both DPNs and magic loop. But if I find that I have a little extra yarn between stitches I work the excess over multiple stitches to "absorb" the excess

She sure is strange! said...

Are you a Molly Sue too? Or did you just come up with Susie because it was cute? The reaon I ask is that I, again today, saw your comment to CAP and recognized the name(its mine). I'm 40 though, not 30. Named for someone my dad knew growing up. Had I been a boy my name would have been Rush Nathaniel, bleck. Anyway, just wanted to say hello from another Molly Sue.