Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So after my big computer crash of oh...2003 thru 2006, I've finally gotten a new computer! Yay! And after trying to log in to my little bloggy here for oh...three months (with my old email address that no longer exists -- what was my user name? what was my password? how do you change your personal settings? help! help! help!) I'm back!

I'm! Back!

Hopefully I'll get my camera software loaded sometime before next year so I can show you what I've been up to. Hints: here and here.

So what's so inspired me? Tonight I finally got to a knitting meet-up where other people showed up! It was really nice to knit and chat and chat and chat. I tend to get a little chatty in slightly stressful situations, not that SnBs are stressful but walking into a new group is. Slightly. Oh well, hopefully I didn't say anything that will get me kicked out. (Like Laurie and her porn! I love Laurie!) Hi ladies! Please don't kick me out because I'm a nervous chatter-er.

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Betty said...

I don't recall you being too chatty at all. I'm always happy to see you there!