Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sooo over fur

You's hard out here for a blogger!* Especially on dial-up! By the time I get my photos uploaded I completely forget the witty banter to accompany.

Meet Buster, my Build-a-Cow, who be modeling the fun fur fiesta.

Stacy's Scarf: Moss stitch with keyhole detailing. I made this wide and short to lay flat under a jacket. Or hood, if one likes the Eskimo effect.

Amby's Scarf: Double knit garter stitch. Twice the fur, twice the fun.

Mom's Scarf:'s Embrace. Or, in a pinch, a muppet...I think it'd look great with googly-eyes.

P.S. Oops! I forgot to turn off my webccelerator while uploading...I hope the pics look better on your screen than mine. *And no, this joke will never be old for me...

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