Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still no yarn and only slightly less rain

After I washed the mud off from the previous day's arts and crafting, my sister and I went to the West Virginia State Capitol grounds.

Fun Fact: While growing up in Charleston, WV, my family would often go to the state capitol grounds. I must have seen enough because I've never been to another one. I lived in Raleigh, NC for almost three years I never saw the NC state capitol. Never even drove by. Ditto for the OH state capitol for the six years I've lived in Columbus. Maybe that should be one of my summer places to go. Anybody know where it is? Want to come with me?

The first thing we did was escape the rain (Rain, Rain, Go Away!) into the WV Cultural Center where we poked around and I covertly took pictures of some of the coolest quilts I have ever seen! It makes me want to learn to sew. Because, you know, I don't have enough going on.

These were my two favorites... I love their motion. I wish I hadn't put them in the same picture, covert photography can be tricky. Both were sold. (See red dots.)

Clicky clicky to see bigger. Can you imagine piecing this together? It was Not For Sale. I wouldn't sell it either. I wish they said how long it took to make.

During a brief rain lull, we made our way to the capitol building.  Here Senior Democratic Senator Robert C. Byrd and I reenact a scene from E.T.

Phone home, Sen Byrd, phone home.

Then we went to see State's Attorney General Darrel McGraw, but were frightened off by bears. Seriously.

WTF?  This reminds me of how we used to saran wrap our professor's office doors in college.  Are practical jokes allowed in the state government?

Apparently my sister likes to taunt bears by picking their nose.

Finally there was a wee bit o' sunshine and we got to walk around the grounds.  The magnolia trees were in bloom, and it dawned on me...I don't think we have magnolia trees in Ohio.  Do we?  I can't recall ever seeing one here.  They are my absolutely my favorite, and I'd completely forgotten about them. 
Much prettier than corn.

And certainly more pretty than strip malls.  Ohio, take note.

My sister says I look pregnant in this photo.   I am not.  
Although I do think maybe it's about time I joined a gym.


Betty said...

I love magnolias too. There is a different type around here
That's in my yard but the blooms don't last very long. It smells nice though.

If you like old movies, you should check out the Summer Series playing at the Ohio Theater. You should see the Ohio Theater and it's across the street from the State House. Here's a link to the movies still to play. It's fun.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

I will go with you. I haven't been either.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to give the spiel about the bears using tools... Very nice photos and posts, thanks for putting them up. - Sister Stacy