Monday, November 14, 2005

Fuzzy Feet: Finis!

Bring it on and my fuzzy feet are ready!

The obligatory wear it on your head shot:

Perhaps I added a tad too much detergent:

All done!

I worried from the start about compensating for my chicken-little ankles but was afraid to push my (non) knitting abilities in modifying the pattern...I think the pie crust effect looks quite cute:

And they fit! Kitty Caz thinks they're quite dashing:

I felted until they were slightly small, then wore them *alot* while damp to mold them to my feet. Mmm,mmm! Wet wooly feet! Then in a fit of genius (or happy coincidence) I tucked them into my drying rack so the arch bent around the rod while they dried...built in arch support baby! (Sorry for the dark pictures, welcome to Ohio.)


Mzayaf said...

I love your cat, cool.

Beth said...

Yea! They turned out great!