Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh those tricky dpns!

In a newfound desire to never seam my knits ever again (Ever! Again!) I've decided to knit socks. Or die trying.

So I got a book, a major step in my self-realization that I need help! (In so many ways, but we'll just stick to the knitting.) And although I've done circular knitting on double-points before, I was excited to read about how it's actually supposed to be done, not just let's put this here needle in here and this one here and look at me, I'm knitting! Oh, my eye! My eye!

But see, I'm no good at the book-learning, and I'm even less good at the whole clockwise/counterclockwise thing because my clocks are digital. I like pictures. I like pictures that move and have commentary even better. So I googled like I knew what that meant and found this, my new knitting best friend. The videos are slightly matrix-esque, perhaps due to my (gasp!) dial-up internet connection, but still exceedingly helpful. Check them out. Tell them I sent you.

And for reading this far, I'll let you in on a little secret...I have a finished object. Picture to come soon. Maybe a whole *gallery* of finished objects to come soon. We'll see...

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